Why you should have your claims settled by a specialist.

Posted on by Anthony Wakefield & Co

Last September I was invited by Alex Whiteford, one our Buildings2Insure Partners, to make a site visit to a thatched property in Hampshire that he was working on as part of a major insurance claim.

So savage had been the fire, that it virtually destroyed three adjacent  Grade II listed  buildings

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Working with the insurance company, specialist contractors and conservation officers, Alex has been able to complete his renovation of the  building to the highest of standards within a reasonable time frame, allowing the owners to look forward to moving back in and enjoying a home that will grace the lovely village in which it is situated for many hundred more years!

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As you will see from the photos, the adjoining buildings have not fared as well and are still awaiting restoration.

We are working with Alex on another major loss, this time a Mill in Surrey that was flooded over Christmas. I visited today and was able to witness the start of the renovation, now that the drying process has been completed, and will post details of how we are progressing in future blogs.