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We have all become familiar with our burglar alarms at home, but soon these will become as redundant as the fax machine (remember that?).

Overpriced, intrusive and inefficient. These are words that often attributed to these 20th Century devices.

Welcome to telematics, which are starting to revolutionise the way we protect our homes. Originating from the French “télématique” , this new technology combines the ease of information gathering with computer and mobile communication.

Rather than relying on neighbours or a call centre to monitor the security of your house, modern telematics can relay the information direct to your phone, tablet or computer. They also work in reverse, permitting you to control the devices in your home from anywhere in the world.

The leaders in this field are British Gas with their HIVE range of products (, Google with NEST ( and CANARY (

Understanding the potential of these systems can only be appreciated if you visit these web sites and view the videos that explain the products.

When tied in with Smart Meters, which are set to be commonplace in the UK by 2020, householders will be able to be masters of their own homes, keeping a close eye on their heating and other utility costs and controlling the running of the house from near or far.

We see these developments as reducing the claims exposures of our insurers and, as such, can now offer between 5% and 10% premium reductions under our Homes2Insure and Connoisseur Household policies for owners of these systems.

When combined with our other premium discounts for loss history, client age and traditional security, we can offer up to 30% savings on our standard premiums.

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