Project Insurance

Posted on by Anthony Wakefield & Co

How would you feel if your house collapsed during a renovation project?

It’s important that homeowners engage with an insurance broker, such as Anthony Wakefield & Company, who understand renovation risks, to make sure that you are fully protected. However, most home renovators, and many home insurance brokers, have no knowledge of JCT contracts. In most cases, it is only when a homeowner needs to arrange the insurance for their home undergoing work that they uncover just exactly what is involved. Very few even notify their insurer; presuming they are covered – and it’s a big problem.

Take a look at this cautionary tale detailing a homeowner not having the correct insurance in place.

A home should never be at risk due to the lack of insurance or the wrong cover. Failure to engage experts to advise and arrange your project insurance could lead to massive costs and, indeed, liabilities.

If you’re looking at undertaking a renovation or extension project costing from £50k to £250k, working with Renovation Underwriting, we can help ensure that you and your property are fully protected.

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