Damp in listed properties

Posted on by Anthony Wakefield & Co

The recent wet weather in the UK and indeed throughout Europe has highlighted the susceptibility of older buildings to incursions of damp. Although some of the damage caused will be a justifiable insurance claim, especially where tiles have been lifted or blown away, or if river or tidal damage has infiltrated the property, in other cases the bad weather will simply identify faults in the construction of your home which had not previously become apparent.

Lack of maintenance can lead to claims being dismissed or severely compromised.

Rather than repeat some of the guidance that is available online on this matter we are providing links to two sites that we think you will find really useful. These are academic sites, rather than ones that are simply trying to sell you a product!

The University of Western England have a wealth of information on the subject. Take a look at their research on chimneys for example, with chimney breasts being some of the worst sufferers of wind blown rain.

More helpful still, the Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings has an excellent group of video clips by Mike Parrett which cover the main causes of damp incursion to buildings for reasons other than major catastrophes! The videos are worth looking at in their entirety.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer losses in the current period, you should ensure that the guidance on these sites is taken into consideration in the repair and restoration process. If you been lucky to miss the worst of the weather, you should still prepare for winters and storms yet to come!